Starbucks (SBUX) Stock: Price Analysis, Forecasts, and Investment Insights

I. Introduction (Starbucks Stock price and Analysis)

Overview of Starbucks Corporation (SBUX) and its global presence.

Starbucks Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, is a global coffee roaster, marketer, and retailer.

The business is divided into three divisions: North America, International, and Channel Development. Its locations provide coffee and tea drinks, as well as roasted whole beans and ground coffees, single serve goods, and ready-to-drink beverages, as well as pastries, breakfast sandwiches, and lunch items.

In addition, the firm licenses its trademarks to licensed retailers, as well as supermarket and restaurant clients.

Starbucks Coffee, Teavana, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Ethos, Starbucks Reserve, and Princi are the brands under which the corporation sells its goods.

Starbucks Corporation was established in 1971 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

II. Stock Price and Forecast Analysis

A. Historical performance and growth of Starbucks stock
B. Factors to consider in stock price analysis and forecasting
C. Expert forecasts and projections for Starbucks (SBUX) stock

Starbucks Stock price and Analysis, lowest stock price in the last year was $88.72, and its best was $113.67. Starbucks’ lowest stock price in the last year was $88.72, and its best was $113.67.

The average 12-month stock price projection for Starbucks stock is $114.86, representing a 17.06% growth, according to 22 stock analysts. The lowest and highest goals are $100 and $150, respectively. Starbucks stock is rated a buy by analysts on average.


III. Technical Analysis

A. Understanding the importance of technical analysis for stock market evaluation
B. Key technical indicators and patterns for Starbucks Stock price and Analysis
C. Applying technical analysis to inform investment decisions.

Starbucks (SBUX) Technical Indicators

RSI (14)
STOCH (9,6)
MACD (12,26)
ADX (14)
Williams %R
CCI (14)
ATR (14)
Ultimate Oscillator

IV. Earnings and Dividends

A. Analyzing Starbucks’ earnings reports and financial health
B. Evaluating dividend payments and their impact on shareholder returns.

Starbucks Stock price and Analysis, the company’s profits forecast for the coming quarter is $0.96, with a range of $0.88 to $1.09. Earnings per share in the previous quarter were $1.06. In the last 12 months, SBUX outperformed its EPS forecast 75.00% of the time, while the industry as a whole outperformed its forecast 63.36% of the time. During the preceding calendar year, SBUX outperformed its industry. Starbucks’ next earnings release is scheduled for January 25, 2024, which is in 44 days. Starbucks’ stock price is now undervalued, according to Wall Street experts. Starbucks pays a quarterly dividend of $0.57, for a 2.23% annual dividend yield. Fisher Asset Management LLC is one of the major hedge funds that have a stake in Starbucks. It owns 1 billion shares of Starbucks. 

The forward PE ratio is 23.19, while the trailing PE ratio is 27.41. Starbucks has a PEG ratio of 1.34.
Starbucks generated $35.98 billion in revenue and $4.12 billion in earnings in the previous year. The earnings per share were $3.58.

The stock’s EV/EBITDA ratio is 17.86, with a 34.92 EV/FCF ratio.

The firm now has $3.95 billion in cash and $24.60 billion in debt, for a net cash position of -$20.65 billion or -$18.16 per share.

Starbucks Stock price and Analysis, Operating cash flow was $6.01 billion in the previous year, while capital expenditures were -$2.22 billion, for a free cash flow of $3.79 billion. The return on equity is -49.20%, while the return on invested capital is 25.62%. Starbucks has paid $1.28 billion in taxes over the last year. The gross margin is 68.29%, while the operating and profit margins are 15.49% and 11.46%, respectively. The firm has $3.95 billion in cash and $24.60 billion in debt, for a net cash position of -$20.65 billion, or -$18.16 per share.

Next Ex-Dividend Date

Feb 08, 2024

Payment date
Feb 23, 2024
Dividend Amount Per Share


Dividend Yield


Sector: Consumer Cyclical
Sector Average: 0.992%

Payout Ratio



Dividend Growth

14 years

Since 2010

V. Ownership and Financials

A. Starbucks Stock price and Analysis, Examining the ownership structure and major stakeholders
B. Financial statement analysis for Starbucks Corporation
C. Assessing profitability, liquidity, and solvency of the company. Starbucks (SBUX) stock is owned by a combination of institutional, retail, and individual investors. Institutional investors hold around 58.56% of the company’s stock, insiders own 2.18%, and public companies and individual investors own 39.26%.

VI. News and Insights

A. Staying updated with the latest news and announcements regarding Starbucks (SBUX). Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) intends to reopen negotiations with unionized baristas.
B. Starbucks Stock price and Analysis, Insights from financial experts and analysts for informed decision-making.

Starbucks’ 12-month average price objective is $111.33, according to analyst ratings. Starbucks has 13.46% upside potential, based on the analysts’ average price target.

VII. Similar Stocks

A. Exploring alternative coffee-related stocks for diversification
B. Starbucks Stock price and Analysis, Analysis and comparison of Dunkin’ Brands Group, Costa Coffee, and Nestle SA

VIII. Conclusion

Final thoughts on Starbucks Stock price and Analysis and potential investment opportunities

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