8 Best AI Stocks in November-2023

Waht is AI and its analysis?
(8 Best AI Stocks in November-2023)

Artificial intelligence has been around for a long time, but it came to the forefront in late 2022 with the debut of ChatGPT and a slew of related applications. These programs might generate reports, filter through data, and discover better methods to complete a variety of activities. This resulted in a big spike in AI-related equities, with several performing well over the last year.

AI is a developing industry, and AI-related ETFs have outperformed the S&P 500 by a wide margin year to far. By mid-year, the SPDR S&P 500 Trust (SPY) had gained 18%, while the First Trust Nasdaq Artificial Intelligence and Robotics ETF (RBOT) had gained 24%. Obviously, many investors wish to explore expanding their exposure to this sector of the market. 8 Best AI Stocks in November-2023

Methodological Analysis.

This list is compiled using a technique aimed to find AI stocks as well as highlight those with strong growth and future prospects. All stocks are traded on US stock markets. They also match the following requirements:

AI-related. The firm participates in AI by acting as an enabler, engager, or enhancer. Enablers are firms that develop AI-related goods or technology. AI products are used by engagers. Enhancers extend the technology. We identified equities connected with AI using the First Trust Nasdaq Artificial Intelligence and Robotics ETF (ROBT). We then reduced that portfolio to a list of stocks only focusing on AI rather than robotics.
Metric with a high rating. Every stock on the list is exceptional in at least one aspect. Because the area is young and some of the firms are new, not all stocks share all characteristics. 8 Best AI Stocks in November-2023

High rate of growth and/or return. Stocks were chosen based on predicted earnings per share growth, historical earnings per share growth, and/or one-year return. Based on these measures, the stocks chosen performed the best.

In addition to the foregoing conditions, all equities must have a market capitalization of at least $1 billion, a price above $5, and a daily average volume of at least 500,000 shares.

These filters were created to separate AI stocks and then select those that rank positively based on parameters like price momentum and, for long-term investors, earnings growth.

How to Invest in Artificial Intelligence Stocks

Investing in artificial intelligence stocks is similar to investing in any other business or area. First, investors must conduct due diligence to ensure that they understand the sector and the firms involved.

Once an investor has a good understanding of the sector and firms, he or she should decide which stocks they feel have the most long-term potential. Finally, after making a selection, the investor may acquire AI stocks from their stock broker. 8 Best AI Stocks in November-2023

However, before making any big investment choice, it is always advisable to contact with a financial counselor.

What Exactly Are AI Stocks?

AI is a rising business that mostly falls within the purview of technology. There is currently no formal classification that accounts purely for AI. AI stocks, on the other hand, are a loose group of firms with an interest in artificial intelligence.

Among these firms are Microsoft and Apple, both of which are building their own AI capabilities. Companies involved in the development of AI technology, such as microprocessor makers Nvidia and Micron Technology, are also among them. Finally, there are pure AI plays, such as the publicly listed c3.ai. 8 Best AI Stocks in November-2023

1. Nvidia (NVDA) 1-Year Return – 239.5%

2. Symbotic Inc (SYM) 1-Year Return – 433.17%

3. c3.ai(AI) 1-Year Return – 121.3%

4. MicroStrategy (MSTR) 1-Year Return – 195%

5. Meta Platforms (META) 1-Year Return – 150%

6. Amazon (AMZN) 1-Year Return – 67.1%

7. Microosft (MSFT) 1-Year Return – 68.2%

8. codence Design Systems (CDNS) 1-Year Return – 74.8%

8 Best AI Stocks in November-2023

Where Can I Buy AI Stocks?

Many AI stocks are publicly traded firms that are listed on major stock exchanges throughout the world. Microsoft and Apple, for example, are both listed on the Nasdaq exchange. c3.ai and other firms are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

If the AI stock you want is listed on a major stock market, you should be able to buy it through your broker. However, if the firm is not listed on a major exchange but is traded over-the-counter (OTC), you should conduct extensive due diligence.

Although OTC stocks are frequently inexpensive, they can be volatile and illiquid, making them difficult to acquire and sell. 8 Best AI Stocks in November-2023

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Should I Invest in Artificial Intelligence Stocks?

AI is a developing industry with enormous potential. Nobody can, however, tell you absolutely whether you should invest in AI stocks.

The choice to invest in AI stocks is one that each individual investor must make based on their personal portfolio and their expectations for the industry’s future. 8 Best AI Stocks in November-2023

Is it worthwhile to invest in AI stocks?

AI looks to have a promising future, but no one can predict how technology and economic cycles will change in the coming months and years. Every investment involves risk, and only you can determine whether the hazards of AI stocks are appropriate for your investment portfolio.

Remember to conduct your own research and due diligence and to always consult a financial professional before making any big investment decisions. 8 Best AI Stocks in November-2023

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